WANTED: Travel Entrepreneurs, REWARD: 3000 EUR

Newly born Ventura TRAVEL just announced its mission in Venturas first blog post:

“Empowering Entrepreneurs to Succeed in Travel”. This perfectly describes why we founded this company. Our Vision is “Creating niche market leaders in authentic & responsible travel.” Exciting? Germany’s leading Travel Trade Magazine agreed and directly published this article (in Germany).

For our next Ventura venture we are looking for a talented Entrepreneur, that wants to create a sister to viventura, our Niche Market Leader in South America. And be alongside puraventura, our newest baby in the family: A rising tour operator for Central America.

We are looking for the person, that will start the next specialist. For us it’s secondary if this will be in Asia, Africa or another part of the world. What’s more important for us: Who is capable of creating such a leading Niche Operator together with us.

A graphic description of our idea:


Do you know the someone, who meets these criteria?

  • an absolute expert in the touristic offer in the region
  • several years of experience in the organisation of trips in/to that region
  • an entrepreneurial spirit & love for challenges
  • very well connected to touristic providers in the region

What we will provide:

  • a pool of 10.000s of travelers who have traveled with us before and are keen to have the same experience in another part of the world
  • the worlds best (at least according to us) software for trip management and sales
    a fantastic Marketing team who ensures, you receive traffic to your website from day 1
  • a fantastic IT team, that will create an amazingly looking website for you within a few weeks
  • a fantastic Finance Team, that will support you funding the company and will take the burden of financial matters such as ensuring payment of all providers, etc.
  • since 2012 (in Costa Rica) we are organizing company off-sites: if we achieve our company goals we temporarily move our office to an exciting (and warm) location. In 2016 we went to Mexico with 60 people.

Does this sound exciting?

Please let your friends know about this offer. If they mention, that they heard it from you we will award you with 3000 EUR in cash. We will pay the 3000 EUR once the person has worked with the project for one year.

So, please share this article and the application page!

PS: We can also meet in person at this years ITB!


9 thoughts on “WANTED: Travel Entrepreneurs, REWARD: 3000 EUR

  1. hello, that sounds good, i have travel experince in India for 35 years, ethiopia 7 years, and the western europe, so if that is interesting for you then we can talk further,


  2. Hi Andre. I would like to introduce you to a couple who are building sustainable businesses and who have experience in building community based travel in Vietnam. They have also held several events for the tourism organisation.


  3. Hi André, I live in Cape Town. I was selfemployed in Germany for 19 years (travel-agency). I book individual tours for german tourists and know SA very well. I am also a tour guide.

    If you are interested, please send me an Email.

    Kind regards


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